Lawsuit pending in San Diego Superior Court for FRAUD
against Catherine "Cate" Sacks El Cajon, California

• Other Dogs Cate Sacks took to Chula Vista Animal Care Facility to be euthanized


Rarely are isolated incidents..
just isolated incidents

Sharing the truth of what happened to us is not bullying in any sense of the word.

Anyone who is considering leaving their dog at Shelter Dogs To Dream Dogs
should know that after having Sandy killed,
Cate Sacks pretended he was still alive for almost 2 weeks.
She notified us of his death by text message. Not a phone call,
but a text message nearly two weeks after she had taken him to the shelter to be killed.
And there is more, Sacks was sending fake progress reports in emails to us
after Sandy was DEAD for nearly two weeks.
Let me be clear, she pretended she was still working with him....after he was dead.

And now Cate Sacks has decided to file a defamation suit and emotional distress suit
against us. In part, because we have shared what she did to us, and it's caused her distress. She plans to somehow turn this around so she is the victim.

Our rescue was victimized by this business and it's owners,
we were personally and financially victimized by these people.
This reminds us of Bill Cosby who filed a
defamation suit against his victims for speaking up.

And the lying goes on and on and on.
Facts show that
Catherine Sacks just cannot stop lying.
She just lied on her depostion to the court on April 21, 2017. See what she says below.
Her attorney repeated the same lie in open court to Judge Ronald Styn.

"I never signed to euthanize any dog other than Sandy".
"In 26 years, I have only had to euthanize ONE DOG, Sandy.
"I returned the cocker spaniel to the rescue" (see below what she really did)

Chula Vista Public Records tell a different story, the truth. Her signature is there.
Chula Vista Animal Shelter is not a rescue. It's a shelter.
It was the same shelter Cate Sacks "adopted" the Cocker Spaniel from a few days earlier.
Catherine Sacks signed to have him killed at the shelter and then lied about it.
The same shelter she took the two dogs from.
Her name is on the other two dogs death orders as well,
and she can't be bothered to remember anything about them?
Catherine Sacks, self proclaimed expert:
dog rescuer, dog trainer, San Diego's dog whisperer and dog behaviorist.

Here is what Catherine Sacks told our rescue in writing
the day after she cold heartedly informed us by text message
that Sandy was dead.
because she waited almost two weeks before telling us she had him killed, we couldn't get his body)

I would have to make the decision that I have never had to make before...euthanasia."
"I help dogs like this every day,
I have never had to euthanize a dog before.... but Sandy just hated being alive.
It was a horrible decision, but sadly, I stick by it"
Emailed to us ~ June 21, 2014 2:55 PM

Mr. Sacks email sent to the San Diego Better Business Bureau :
" This has been a
horrible transaction ( our Sandy was a "horrible transaction")
and a ton of work was put into this animal to save it! -
It was heartbreaking to put the dog down!
SDTDD has saved 2500 animals NEVER having to put down an animal except this one".
" Stop making the industry look bad and go away"
Steele Sacks

8/25/2014 Response to our Better Business Bureau complaint*


RIP Sandy.
Ordered euthanized
at Chula Vista Animal Shelter
by Cate Sacks, his "trainer"
and owner of "Shelter Dogs To Dream Dogs" on June 7, 2014

Sacks tried in vain to hide the fact that she took Sandy to Chula Vista Shelter to be killed.
When we discovered the ugly truth,we started to investigate her organization. We found these three dogs, same pattern. Sacks orders them killed after having them a few days. And we found numerous unhappy former clients.

Lucas, to the right, is a little maltese who scored a B on his temp test, his paperwork says he
"doesn't appreciate rough handling"
Cate Sacks takes him, uses her special
"training" methods on him, brings him back about a week days later and "euth req" him.
Orders him killed. What "rescue" does that?

Curious why Chula Vista pads it's "adoption" records by reporting that he was adopted twice.
Sandy showed adopted twice as well.

Below, the cocker who arrived at the shelter on 10/14. Stayed at the shelter for nearly a month without a single documented behavior issue.
tax dollars paid for his ear infection, microchip, flea tx, neuter, shots. Cate Sacks the self proclaimed "dog whisperer" adopted him and then brought him back after just a few days
and "euth req" him. He was killed too.

And the last record below, a fawn lab, was at the shelter for about 3 weeks before San Diego's "dog whisperer" took him, and brought him back 3 days later and "euth req" him. He was killed