Lawsuit pending in San Diego Superior Court for FRAUD
against Catherine "Cate" Sacks El Cajon, California

• Other Dogs Cate Sacks took to Chula Vista Animal Care Facility to be euthanized


Rarely are isolated incidents.. just isolated incidents


" I would have to make the decision that I have never had to make before
"I help dogs like this every day, and
I have never had to euthanize a dog before....
but Sandy just hated being alive.
It was a horrible decision, but sadly, I stick by it"
Emailed to us by Catherine "Cate" Sacks, owner of Shelter Dogs To Dream Dogs
~ June 21, 2014 2:55 PM

And from Mr. Sacks email sent to the San Diego Better Business Bureau :
" This has been a horrible transaction ( our Sandy was a "horrible transaction")
and a ton of work was put into this animal to save it! -
It was heartbreaking to put the dog down!
SDTDD has saved 2500 animals NEVER
having to put down an animal except this one"
" Stop making the industry look bad and go away" Steele Sacks
8/25/2014 Response to our Better Business Bureau complaint*

*see full BBB complaint that was marked "unresolved" here,
we did not know exactly what or when they had really done at the time of our complaint

RIP Sandy.
Ordered euthanized
at Chula Vista Animal Shelter
by Cate Sacks, his "trainer"
and owner of "Shelter Dogs To Dream Dogs" on June 7, 2014

Both Ms. Sacks and her husband, Steele stated UNEQUIVOCALLY, in wrting to the Better Business Bureau,
and to Lucky Pup Dog Rescue, that Sandy was the first and ONLY dog they have ever euthanized in their care.
Yet, when public records were checked at Chula Vista Animal Shelter, it
revealed that at just ONE local shelter,
two other dogs were ordered euthanized by Cate Sacks, adoption papers prepared and signed off by Linda Septon,
their rescue coordinator. So that's 3 dogs that we know of lost their life at this shelter with this dog "trainer"/ "rescue".

800+ plus animals that Chula Vista Animal Care Facility gave her ?
Why did Sacks tell San Diego Animal Control she only trains ONE animal at a time ?
We weren't able to find any adoption events this "rescue" holds regularly, or the use of fosters, how
could one possibly train and place this many dogs each week ?


Poor Lucas, little guy
scored a B on his temp test, the paperwork says he

"doesn't appreciate
rough handling"

Cate Sacks takes him,
no doubt uses her
"training" methods
on him, brings him back
9 days later and orders him
killed. This after showing him being adopted by Cate Sacks
TWICE on the
Chula Vista Public records.


Review from Yelp shows another dog owner, and an attempt by Cate Sacks to sell her $1000 a week "boot camp/relinquishment "
that we fell for... this is from 2012.


So far, we don't have any more information about this gorgeous little cocker spaniel.